(in polish has two meanings – tenderness and light sensitivity)

is an international movement in contemporary photography.

is a group of artists who explore the medium of photography and consciously limit themself to the characteristics and meanings of the medium.

is organized as an art gallery and as a foundation of culture with NGO structure

Czułość seat in Warsaw, just before the opening of Nampei Akaki exhibition


Czułość was created in 2010 from an impulse purely tied to friendship, aiming to the niche in the discussion of contemporary photography in Poland. The lack of open discourse within the fossilized hierarchy of local curators and public art institutions inspired us to alternative solutions and gathered strong community of supporters around us.

What may seem obvious now, was a sufficient founding statement. We think of photographs as about objects and we understand the exposition as an installation in the space. We promote understanding of photography as contemporary art and we want to popularize its collecting. What unites us is a strong, honest, unpretentious energy. We combine art with other activities rather than separate it from the everyday life – since the beginning we’re partnering up also with Polish and international independent music scene.


Villa on the Warsaw district Saska Kepa before the opening of the Czułość second anniversary exhibition

Now, the underground is still our natural habitat, but you can also find us in the mainstream gallery world – like the Warsaw Gallery Weekend or on important international art fairs. We cooperate with the Ministry of Culture, our artists are invited as curators, jurors and experts by Polish and international institutions. Yet we’re still a young gallery representing young artists.

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plakat czulosc koncert+  Skanuj 2+  bananafish_poster_Kaja Gliwa_WEB++

posters of Czułość exhibitions and concerts


Czułość is constructing an organized structure with institutional qualities – the wall that work as a filter on both sides: it is prepared to reach and advise to the collectors, art critics, curators and other proffesionals. On the other, it creates a sanctuary for people who want to create in the conditions of complete freedom, non-commercial and intransigence, which almost impossible to do on your own.

very group gang church

Czułosć team during the work for Very Contemporary exhibition


We do not work  as a collective as such. Collective is supposed to create joint work, while we together focus mainly on creating a firm environment, a movement in contemporary photography. The collective part is perhaps in our approach to reality. In terms of the art we make, we are a group of different and extreme individuals. Psychologically, we’ve created a photo- gang with an ideological bent.

Czułosć na Vinafair viennafair nagroda stoisko
Czułość first time at the art fair in Vienna and the best emerging gallery booth award:


Our new artists come from abroad. The plan is now to take what we’ve managed to create so far in Poland and to disseminate it internationally. We intend to create a grass-rooted, independent platform for artists working in contemporary photography. We are most focused on the exchange of experiences beyond national borders and cultures. In the years to come we are organising a series of international expeditions, during which we shall present our works in the most interesting art centres associated with contemporary art. We are also developing a programme of photography publications. Considering our approach to the role of photography in the contemporary world, we should be where the very latest things are happening.


Our activities so far include:

18 individual and 10 group photography exhibitions; expert, curatorial and exhibition cooperation with Cracow’s Photomonth; Poland’s first complexive local self-publishing exhibition “Publish yourself”; an exhibition of Czułość’s artists in Tokyo and a visit of Japanese and Ukrainian artists in Warsaw; taking part in the “Learning from Warsaw” project in Zurich. In 2013 Czułość won the best presentation award at Viennafair The New Contemporary. Taking part in the group exhibition “As you can see. Polish art today” in Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, taking part in the group exhibition “Lest the two seas meet” curated by Tarek Abou el Fetouh, solo exhibition of Janek Zamoyski in official section at Photoespana 2015. Published 5 books. We’ve also organized a several dozen of concerts of an international alternative musicians. Currently we are working on exhibitions of Czułość artists in Kijev, Hung Kong, Beijing, Guanzghou, Shangkai and Tenerife Photography Biennale.



Nampei Akaki

Stanisław Legus

Weronika Ławniczak

Kuba Mount

Bao Ting

Vova Vorotniov

Johann Winkelmann

Janek Zamoyski