CULTURE BACKSTAGE  training program 



The open call is open until 15 April 2018 


Czułość is pleased to announce the launch of Culture Backstage, an EU funded training program for young cultural entrepreneurs who wish to develop and implement projects on a European scale. It is developed by the European Creative Network for Culture, under the leadership of Creature Paris.

This program is designed for young aspiring cultural and artistic entrepreneurs to acquire the theoretical and practical means to make their idea come true. The participants will learn about culture, entrepreneurship, art, media, philosophy, marketing and much more while exploring major European cities and cultural hubs.

Working across linguistic and cultural barriers, Culture Backstage will bring together cultural entrepreneurs and empower them, in an environment sufficiently strong and offer a sufficiently unified track so that a sense of community and common culture can emerge, fostering collaboration, exchange, and synergies.

The program will take place between June 1st 2018 and June 30th 2019. Selected participants will follow courses, participate in workshops and build connections while traveling to following partners institutions: 


Cost of participation:

93% of fees are covered by Erasmus+. Courses, transportation and accommodation are free

Each selected participant will provide a contribution of 20 euros per day of training (26 days total) to cover:

*Czułość provides an extra 50% grant for Polish participants of the program making the total fee 260 euros


For further information and application details please consult our brochure: