At a small crossroad, pedestrians want to change the side of the street. The bus comes along quiet at a speed. The bus stops, move again and hesitates. Expecting clear and technical decisions from a vehicle like a bus this behavior can be surprising for an instant. But rules can change abruptly and thus traffic might be repersonalized.

Some situations are not only caused directly by people. They are caused out of two or more different events which in turn may split again. While some might remain hollow others will become fugitive.

I can´ t be sure that I would enjoy the bus trip but I certainly like the idea. Some posters would announce a certain departure time and a meeting point. People would gather quasi-randomly and share that same situation for a certain time. People would not know where they are going but somehow it would seem to be prepared. They would be freed from decision making and rewarded by the opportunity to just sit in the bus.

Pedestrians form formations as some birds do while flying in a group. The formation would slowly start murmuring. The murmuring would slowly start increasing and the formation would start walking. Finally, the murmuring becomes singing. And cars start tooting, energetically. In the exhibition, possible events are being projected and amplified offering various possibilities of constellation and conjunction. Regarding the collective nature of these situations, I invite you to see them as choreographies.

Johann M. Winkelmann

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